The Parish of
The Sacred Heart, Tisbury, and All Saints, Wardour
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Our Parish is one of the largest in the South of England.  Situated in the south-west corner of Wiltshire, within the Diocese of Clifton, and Salisbury Catholic Deanery  it is some sixteen miles long and ten miles wide, shaped like a diamond, and covering seventeen Church of England Parishes.  It stretches from six miles west of Salisbury to the very edge of Shaftesbury.  It contains not only its Parish Church of The Sacred Heart but, also, the chapel of All Saints at Wardour Castle.  Its connections with the latter and with the Arundell family, mean that it has more history than most other parishes. (Extracted from “The Diocese of Clifton” by Rev. Dr. John Anthony Harding, The Clifton Diocesan Archivist.)
              Parish Priest: Father Robert Miller
For  ALL issues please use these contacts

The Parish Secretary
Trellis House
Station Road

Telephone: 01747 870228


Hospital Chaplain
Fr Jonathan Creer – 077724 896 579

Hospitals no longer automatically inform the chaplains of your admittance, so please tell the chaplain the details of your stay

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